Wonderful Alphabet


The idea of the book is for children to learn the letters through pictures and rhymes. Everything is as easy as a game. Moreover, the book is a wonderful family book that parents and children can share to color, draw, paint or write in. This is the first children’s book of the poet Nadezhda Radulova. Her poems are casual and filled with lots of humor. Svoboda Tzekova skillfully captures this mood and carries it in the illustrations of animals that complement the rhyming stories.



04_Svoboda_Tzekova_Wonderfull_Alphabeth_filifionka 08_Svoboda_Tzekova_Wonderfull_Alphabeth_Fux

09_Svoboda_Tzekova_Wonderfull_Alphabeth_Elephant 10_Svoboda_Tzekova_Wonderfull_Alphabeth_Ente



“Wonderful Alphabet” ("Чудна азбука")
Nadezhda Radulova (Надежда Радулова)/ 
Svoboda Tzekova (Свобода Цекова)
64 pages, Prosveta Publishing House, SOFIA/BULGARIA
ISBN 9789540126661